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Large moist towels for full body cleansing.
Contains Aloe Vera Gel and Vitamin 'E' to leave skin soft and smooth.
Can be reused if stored in the original pouch.
Ladies Fragrance
"Our Platinum Series"

Ladies Camping Supplies, Moist Towel, Cheerleading SuppliesWomens Camping Supplies, Tanning Products, Cheerleading ProductsCamping Equipment, Womens Camping Supplies, Dance Team Supplies, Drill Team Supplies

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100 Towels
Only $24.95 + tax & freight
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*"Platinum Series", individually pouched for convenience (x-large 15" x 15" thick moist towel).
*Great for camping, hunting, hiking, biking, after tanning, after gym workout, after dance routines or cheerleading competition, etc.
*Anywhere that you need a quick freshening up, and a shower is not available or you don't have the time, try a d|s moist towel.
*Use before you leave the airport to freshen up before that important meeting, a great travel supplies addition.
*Available to the consumer in boxes of twenty four pouches.
*For distributor's, please contact us directly by email or phone for further information.
*Add to ladies camping supplies list, tanning supplies list, cheerleading supplies or dance team supplies, and drill team supplies list.

"Our Silver Series"

Wash Cloths, Moist Towelettes, Moist Towels

Economical Adult Wash - 60 moist towelettes/Tub
Contains Aloe and Vitamin E

* "Adult Wash" packed 60 per tub ( 9" x 10" medium duty moist towelette).
*Great for quick clean-ups. Carry a tub in your car and keep one at the office.
*Anywhere that you need a quick freshening up, try an adult wash moist towelette.
*For distributor's, please contact us directly by email or phone for further information.
*Add to ladies camping supplies list, tanning supplies list, cheerleading supplies or dance team supplies, and drill team supplies list.

Womens Camping Supplies / Womens Hunting Supplies
    Going to the great outdoors doesn't have to be a dirty or smelly experience anymore.
    Don't jump in a cold creek, grab a moist towel from your camping gear bag or camping equipment, open the pouch, wipe, and be clean and refreshed in seconds.
    Put the pouch in your sleeping bag before you go to sleep, or place on a warm rock (but not too close to the fire) for a nice warm bath.
    Add the d|s moist towel to ladies camping supplies list. Add to ladies camping gear or ladies hunting gear list today.

Tanning Products or Gym Supplies
    Ladies, would you like to tan or workout during your lunch hour or anytime during the day, but dread going back to work after perspiring.
    You can tan or workout anytime during the day and leave looking great and feeling refreshed.
    Add the d|s moist towel to your list of tanning supplies or your gym supplies bag.

Cheerleading Supplies / Dance Team Supplies / Drill Team Supplies
    After a tough routine, you can quickly freshen up before the next round using the d|s moist towel.
    It's like a bath in a bag. Feel clean and refreshed in just seconds.
    With vitamin 'E' and Aloe Vera gel, it leaves your skin soft and smooth, not sticky.
    Add the d|s moist towel to your list of cheerleading supplies, dance team supplies, or drill team supplies. Don't go to competition without them.

Health and Beauty Products / Travel Supplies
    Refresh yourself anytime day or night in just seconds using the d|s moist towel.
    Added to your travel supplies, when you arrive at the airport, use before leaving for that big meeting to feel clean and refreshed. It's like a bath in a bag.
    Throw a pouch in your travel bag and freshen up anytime you need.
    Keep a tub of "Adult Wash" moist towelettes at home or in your car for an economical cleanup.
    Add the d|s moist towel to you list of health and beauty products or travel supplies.

Coming Soon: Unscented, Men's Fragrance, and an additional Women's Floral Fragrance, also "Gold Series" Adult Wash.
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"Helpful Tips"
Camping Tips
Biking Tips
Cheerleading/Dance Tips
Tanning Tips

Camping Tips:  (Summarized information from, for complete information visit

    (1)Arrive early to allow time to scout out the best campsite.

    Places to avoid:
        *Narrow canyons, which can pose a risk of flash floods
        *Open fields, where a lone tent can attract lighting
        *Clay soils, which drain poorly and get messy in the rain
        *Cliffs and ledges, which cannot be seen at night
        *Stagnant water, which is often home to biting insects

    (2)Pack camping equipment that has multiple uses. A poncho for example, packs easily and can be used for rain, as a windbreaker, a ground cloth or a mosquito shield.
    (3)Save those little canisters your film comes in. They are the perfect size for keeping essentials like aspirin and matches dry.
    (4)Wear comfortable shoes. Hiking with a blister is no fun.
    (5)Dress in layers. You can peel off layers as the temperature or your activity level increases.
    (6)Pack camping clothes in trash bags. They will stay dry, and can double as a poncho.
    (7)Plan a menu, and bring menu specific, pre-measured items. Be sure to label containers.
    (8)Pack insulated mugs with lids. They keep beverages hot or cold longer, and keep insects out.
    (9)Invest in a solar heated camping shower. This can also be used for dish rinsing. Individually pouched moist towels can be used for body washing, and take up less space.
    (10)Partially unzip an upper tent window when camping to allow moisture laden air out. Unzipping a lower window also, will create a chimney effect.
    (11)Firewood may be scarce where you are camping. Add a few bundles to your camping equipment list to make sure you are covered.
    (12)Don't forget the can opener and toilet paper. Put it at the top of your camping equipment list. Everything else is secondary.
    (13)Clean up when you leave. Take away everything you brought camping, and anything else you find that doesn't belong there.
    (14)Have a great time, but respect other camper's in the area. Be a good steward of the environment.

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Biking Tips: (Summarized information from, for complete information visit

    (1)Tune your bike before every trip.
    (2)Use day rides to condition yourself and dry-run your gear. A loaded bike handles differently from an unloaded one.
    (3)Take a bicycle repair course. Have a good working knowledge of how your bike fits together.
    (4)Invest in cycling shoes and clipless pedals. The molded sole of biking shoes is designed to give a stronger, more efficient stroke.
    (5)Store gear in saddlebag-style packs. They will keep you center of gravity low, which helps with control.
    (6)Biking gloves do more than give you a good grip, they protect your hands from excessive vibration.
    (7)Drink plenty of water and skip the beer when biking. Otherwise you run the risk of dehydration, or unsafe acts.
    (8)Don't wear a backpack when biking, they will throw off your balance and make you unsteady. See number 5 above, or use a basket.
    (9)For day trips or overnight biking, pack the heaviest, bulkiest items in the bottom of the back panniers. Keep frequently used items in the side pockets.
    (10)When loading your bike, keep weight evenly distributed. Your biking experience will be safer and less wobbly.
    (11)Don't forget the can opener and toilet paper. Put it at the top of your overnight biking equipment list. Everything else is secondary.
    (12)Clean up when you leave the site. Take away everything you brought biking, and anything else you find that doesn't belong there.
    (13)For a quick cleanup or to stay refreshed, use individually pouched moist towels. Be a good steward of the environment.

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Cheerleading/Dance Tips

    Tips for improving leaps. (Summarized information from - Jenny Sweet, for complete information visit
        (1) Flexibility is important in cheerleading and dance. Elasticity of the leg muscles allows full extension.
        (2) Make sure to stretch and warm up thoroughly before any attempt at a leap or any cheerleading or dance activity.
        (3) Before leaping, a dancer must use a pile, or bend the legs, to propel into the air. A pile permits the energy to shoot straight up, making the dancer air-born.
        (4) Energy comes from the leap itself, not from the preparation. In order to explode into the air, the preparation must be a conservation of energy.
        (5) The dancer must build up momentum, rather than using it, before leaping.
        (6) Give the illusion of height by lifting the chin, and arms during the leap. This simple focus change gives the impression that the dancer is higher in the air.
        (7) Remember to add a d|s moist towel to your cheerleading supplies to stay refreshed during and after practice.

    Tips to perfect toe touches. (Summarized information from, for complete information visit
        (1) Keep your head up and you back straight. Proper posture is important in all cheerleading and dance activities.
        (2) Don't reach for your feet, instead try to bring your legs up to your hands.
        (3) You don't want to actually touch your toes. Your hands should be about where the arch of your foot is.
        (4) Point your toes.
        (5) Snap your legs down with as much force as you brought them up.
        (6) Land with a slight bend in your knees.
        (7) Work on building up the strength in your arms, shoulders, abs, and legs.
        (8) Work on all aspects of the jump: prep, lift, execution, and landing.
        (9) Practice, practice, practice, but practice right. Perfect practice brings perfection closer.
        (10) Stay fresh by including a d|s moist towel in your cheerleading supplies bag.

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Tanning Tips (Summarized information from, for complete information visit

        (1) The Sun Protection Factor (SPF) is the ratio between the amount of exposure to UVB rays required to cause redness when a chemical sunscreen is applied compared to when it is not.
        (2) Federal law requires eye protection must be worn during indoor tanning. This is for your protection against long term damage to your eyes.
        (3) Prolonged exposure to UV light is cumulative and permanent. Don't take a chance, as it will come back to haunt you later.
        (4) Skin Type Differences:
          *Type I - always burns easily and severely, peels, never tans.
          *Type II - burns easily, tans minimally or lightly and peels.
          *Type III - burns moderately, tans eventually
          *Type IV - burns minimally, always tans well.
          *Type V - rarely burns, always tans readily.
          *Type VI - never burns, tans profusely.

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    All information presented is meant only as a guide. Seek professional assistance before attempting any activity you have not been trained for.
    Designed Solutions Co., it's employees, or sponsors are not responsible for the validity of any information provided in the tips section.

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